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Setting Standards Since 1887
Since its invention in 1887, the Mullen Burst Tester has been the industry benchmark for measuring the burst strength of paper, paperboard, non-wovens and textiles. What started as an innovative contribution to the paper industry eventually served to define the "standard grades" in commerce. The Mullen Burst Tester is cited in many of the TAPPI and ASTM standards - and when it comes to quality control, our tester is an integral part of any well-equipped lab.

For pulp and paper products, the Mullen Burst Tester is relied upon to measure the material's physical strength and fiber bond. And for textiles, our burst testing equipment measures the fabric's strength along with the immediate or eventual effects of dyes, chemicals, and processes. It also demonstrates the results of wear, age, and environment, and evaluates the comparative strength of alternative fibers. We've also extended our testing capabilities to include:

Composite webs
A variety of other substrates

Mullen also offers a Hydrostatic Tester that measures the resistance of material to water-for the evaluation of geotextiles and other such products as raincoats, umbrellas, and ski & swim attire. Our Deflectometer Tester gauges the distension and grain cracking of soft leather material for shoe uppers, garments, gloves, and upholstery.

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